TExES Exam Preparation “Two-Step Process Boosts Your Confidence…And Competence Now!”


When it comes to your TExES test practice, you want to be sure that you've got a handle on two major testing mishaps…


…Your ability to comprehend even the most difficult exam questions, and your skills at pushing through crippling test doubt.


And although plenty of TExES exam preparation guides take a good swing at battling these two major testing areas, the truth of it is simple.  The only way you can even come close to eliminating doubt and beat those tough questions is to have a solid-gold process to point out the way.


We're not talking about your cut-and-dry process-of-elimination strategies either.  An ideal golden strategy for those tough TExES exams won't leave any room for that niggling feeling of doubt that can creep its way up your spine.  And when worse comes to worse, this 24 karat-gold strategy can shine the spotlight on the correct answer, no matter how tough the question may be…


…And without using so-called clues from “extreme” words or complicated guesstimating procedures!


Understanding What TExES Exam Makers Want From You


Before we get to the meat-and-bones of this article, let's make one thing perfectly clear: in order for this TExES exam preparation process to work, you need to understand what those test makers want from you. 


In the midst of preparing for those dreaded TExES exams, it can be easy to lose sight of what's important.  More often than not, study guides force students to get into the frame of mind where getting that minimum score is the only thing that matters.  But this line of thinking is doing you a massive disservice, as it's difficult to get a great score when you're only focused on your minimum potential.


TExES exam makers don't want your minimum effort.  They want to see that you truly understand what being a Texas teacher is all about.  They want to ensure that you'll bring passion and enthusiasm into the classroom – not a desire to take the easy way out.

Now that we've got that out of the way, let's move on what you've been waiting for: the ultimate TExES exam two-step process!


A TExES Exam Two-Step Process That Won't Let You Down

  • Before you even take a look at the answer choices for that TExES exam question, identify the age range of the students within the classroom.  Approximately what age will you be working with?  Jot down the age and quickly assess what you know about mental and emotional development for that age group.  If there's no age range given, then the answer to the question is likely to be general in scope, rather than specific.
  • Now that the age range is all set, it's time to identify the goal of the question.  As a teacher, what are you asked to do?  What would help you to accomplish this goal?  Don't look for the answer with the easiest route – instead, choose the one that makes the teacher do more work, not less.

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