TExES Preparation: “TExES Test Preparation SECRET To Finish The TExES Test On Time”


The speed at which you can accurately read and answer test questions is a huge determinate of whether you’re going to pass or fail. Therefore, make sure pacing yourself with practice test questions is a critical part of your TExES preparation.


You know the Texas test for teachers has time allotments for each section. This is timed test. This puts a lot of pressure on you to finish the teacher certification test before time runs out.


However, you’ll have a difficult time finishing this timed test if you’re a slow reader and did your preparation for the TExES in the wrong way. You can try to read faster but if you just skim through the test questions, you’re likely going to make a lot of careless mistakes. And with time running out, panic can easily set in making you forget the things you studied during your TExES test preparation.


Failure to use your TExES preparation manual and study materials in the correct way leads to Texas teacher certification exam defeat. When this happens, your dream of becoming a teacher in Texas will have to wait. In addition to this, you’re stuck with no employment to make a living or to pay your student loans. And even if you get a job, it won’t be as rewarding as a full-time teaching career.


For these reasons, you need to develop your speed in answering the exam. This is only possible if you address this challenge during your preparation for the TExES.


Improve Your Test Taking Speed In Your TExES Exam Preparation!


Do you have a review guide for the TExES Test? If you don’t have it yet, you better get one. Make sure it contains sets of practice exams. Use the practice tests to help you improve your test taking speed during your TExES test preparation.


But how exactly can you improve your speed in taking the exam? I know it’s easier said than done. So I’ve prepared the best TExES preparation manual on how to improve your test taking speed. Read all about these in the next section.


How To Use Your TExES Preparation Study Guide Speed-Up On Your Testing Date


Here is a compilation of the most effective secrets to help you increase your test taking speed without the risk of making a wrong answer because of hastily answering questions:

  • Are you a slow reader? Develop your speed in reading passages during your TExES test preparation. To do this, regularly read a number of long passages every day. You shouldn’t skim through the sentences. Instead, read and understand them. Get the main idea of the passage.


    Don’t be discouraged if you’re slow in comprehending them. You’ll make improvements as you go along in your TExES preparation. Improving your speed in reading passages and understanding their main ideas can help you answer test questions faster and correctly.

  • In your practice exams, make a conscious effort to answer them as fast as you can without looking at how much time is left. Regularly doing this in your preparation for the TExES will help you in the actual exam. You’ll be trained to answer the exam at a fast pace without worrying too much about the time remaining. This can help lessen the pressure you’re feeling in answering the test questions.
  • Don’t let the timed test pressure you. This can result to panic. If you’re feeling the pressure getting more intense, take a few seconds to calm down. Close your eyes and clear your mind of any thoughts. Just feel the rhythm of your breathing. Feel your heart beat normalize and then you can resume to answering the test.


    If you can effectively handle the pressure, you’re more likely going to be able to think clearly for the right answers. In turn, this helps you finish the test on time. Train to relax in your practice exams during your TExES testing.

  • Arguments, grammar and organization of the content are important in the writing section of the test. So develop your writing skills in your TExES preparation. Polish your grammar and adapt a writing style that can help you convey your key points in an organized manner.


    Ideally, you can follow the 1-3-1 format when writing essays in your TExES test preparation. Start with the introduction (1), discuss three (3) points that support your argument, and end it with a compelling conclusion (1). This format is effective in making your argument stronger, thus increasing the score you get in the test.

You have to finish the test on time so you can make sure you’ve answered all the test questions. This gives you a better chance of passing the exam. So make sure you follow this TExES preparation strategy to help you improve you test taking speed.


Are you still looking for more test taking tactics in preparation for the TExES? Then go to this Texas Examinations of Educator Standards Practice Test And Study Guide website right now!

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